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Imperial Cars – Air Conditioning Services

Re-gas and air conditioning repairs in Southampton

There’s nothing worse than realising your air conditioning is broken in the height of summer, stuck in traffic. Keeping on top of your air conditioning maintenance can help to avoid such instances and keep your air blowing cool when it’s hot. As part of our aftersales care in Southampton, Imperial Cars offers air conditioning services, repairs and re-gas for both old and new models of vehicles.

Air conditioning service

A regular air conditioning service is normally due every 2 years to help refill the refrigerant gas to keep the air cool and prevent any leaks and blockages that can cause the system to stop working. When repairs are required, it can get a more expensive than just a simple gas and clean that you get with your service. We’ll ensure that the system works smoothly, all lubricants are topped up and the system is thoroughly cleaned to remove any bacteria.

Air conditioning for new cars

If your car is made after 2014, we provide specialist air conditioning services to ensure your car is serviced to the highest standard specifically to your make and model. We ensure that all our customers are served to meet manufacturer’s specifications, even if your car is a newer model. We’ve got use of the latest equipment and specialist parts to help get your air conditioning working again.

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Signs you need repairs

If there are strange smells coming from your system, it’s normally a sign of bacteria within the system that can cause leaks and blockages. If these are left over time, it can mean that your system needs repairing and parts need replacing. In addition to this, pools of water or condensation can indicate a leak somewhere in the system and indicate a need for repairs. When your refrigerant gas runs out, yet the system continues to be run, it can not just cost you in fuel, but can also cause further problems and components to break which can lead to repairs. If you are experiencing any of the above problems or issues with your car, it’s always best to seek advice. If you’d rather get an inspection, we can check out where the issue lies and present you with a no-obligation quote to get your air conditioning repaired.

Do I really need an air conditioning service?

Although air conditioning can be considered as an extra in most vehicles, modern vehicles normally come with air conditioning these days. Getting a service might not be your priority and you may think you can last without air conditioning during the summer, but it’s really important to maintain your system. Your air conditioning isn’t just for keeping you cool, but as the air is dry it also helps to demist your windscreen during the wetter and colder months. This ensures your safety. In addition to this, running an air conditioning system with no gas can not only cost you more in fuel but also damage your system and cost you more in repairs. It’s not a legal requirement to get your air conditioning serviced, but it can help save you money, maintain your car’s value and save some fuel while you’re at it.

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