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Imperial Cars – Engine Diagnostics

Car Diagnostic testing in Southampton

For reliable, trustworthy car repairs, our aftersales services in Southampton are here for you. We provide engine diagnostic testing when warning lights appear on your car. If you’ve had your car for a while and a warning light appears, it doesn’t always mean there’s a major expensive problem going on. We’ll check your vehicle’s electrical system and the engine control unit to find a solution to any issues.

Why do I need a diagnostic test?

A diagnostic test for your car is required when there are warning lights or electrical faults going on with your car. Modern vehicles are constantly evolving all the time with new technologies, and your car is a complex system. Luckily, this system can let us know when there’s something going on that’s not quite normal. That’s when your car displays warning lights. When this happens, our mechanics can organise a diagnostic test to help identify the problem.

Your vehicle is then connected to a diagnostic fault reading scanner, which runs through your car’s engine control unit and presents a series of codes where there are issues. Our qualified mechanics can then translate these codes and get to work putting together a repair plan and quotation for any repairs. With your approval, we’ll go ahead and make these repairs and your car will be back up and running again.

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How much do repairs cost?

How much your car repairs cost after a diagnostic test very much depends on what we find. Sometimes, it can be a minor issue that needs adjusting which we can fix and then reset the warning light. However, it’s always best to seek advice and maintenance at your local garage in case there’s a more significant issue happening. Your engine control unit is connected to your braking system, lights, tyres, electrical components, oil and many other components in your car. If major issues are occurring, you may need to drive with caution when bringing your car to your garage. Whilst we can always give advice over the phone, to provide you with an accurate quote and cost for your car repairs, we’ll need to run a diagnostic test on your car.

Finding a solution for your car

Our diagnostic equipment uses the latest technology in the auto industry to identify your car’s electrical faults and issues. We’ve invested in quality technology to provide accurate readings for every make and model of new and old vehicles. This ensures we can find a solution for every customers’ car problems, quickly and accurately and then provide them with the affordable and reliable care they deserve.

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