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Imperial Cars Southampton – Exhaust system repairs and replacements

Exhaust services available in Southampton

Exhaust services for the local community

Here at Imperial Cars Southampton, we are proud to offer high-quality exhaust repairs and servicing for the entire community, no matter what vehicle you drive. Because we’re passionate about serving you, you’ll always get the best possible service on your exhaust treatment when you book with Imperial Cars Southampton.

Your exhaust system explained

Your exhaust is important in keeping your vehicle running effectively. If any one of the components develops a fault, it could have severe implications for your vehicle’s performance and emissions, as well as your wallet. A faulty exhaust can make your vehicle illegal to drive – and that comes with a fixed penalty fine. If your exhaust is making excessive noise or your vehicle is rattling while you are driving, booking an appointment with Imperial Cars Southampton will give you an answer to any exhaust issues your vehicle might have.

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Where problems arise

One of the most common parts of the exhaust system to become defective is the rear silencer. When moisture gathers inside the box, it can affect the metal and cause corrosion. This can lead to holes developing in the exhaust, which can cause an exhaust to stop working properly. Another component which could be at fault is your catalytic converter which reduces the amount of harmful emissions your vehicle releases into the atmosphere. It converts combustion gases into water vapour – which creates less harmful gases such as oxygen rather than carbon dioxide. If your catalytic converter fails before the 50,000 miles average, it is worth booking an appointment with Imperial Cars Southampton to diagnose why it has failed.

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