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Southampton MOT tests and repairs

When you need your well-loved new car to come in for an MOT, you can’t get a better service with Imperial Cars Southampton. We are a reliable, trustworthy MOT test centre, providing an in-house, experience MOT tester to check your car is fit for the roads. Book online for your MOT test at our Southampton branch and get a professional MOT, quickly, accurately and professionally. We offer competitive prices on our MOT testing and what’s better than getting it from the reliable place you bought your car from.

Your MOT test

Getting an annual MOT test is important in keeping your car safe on the roads. It is a legally required test that checks for safety and environmental aspects and ensures it meets government standards. At Imperial Cars Southampton we provide professional and affordable MOT testing for all our customers, no matter what make and model. We’ll check that your car meets the standards set by the DVSA and that your car remains safe on the roads. Once your car is deemed roadworthy, we can provide you with a brand new, valid MOT certificate to last you another year. It’s always important to remember that your MOT test is taken at a specific time, therefore, getting regular service and maintenance checks can also help ensure that your car is roadworthy in between testing.

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Competitive rates for your MOT

At Imperial Cars Southampton, we offer great rates for your MOT test to help you keep your car roadworthy. We also provide offers from time to time for our customers and free health checks if you’re worried your car might fail its MOT. We look after our customers as a priority, so helping you get through an MOT test or retest is part of our mission.

New MOT testing facilities – state of the art equipment

With Imperial Cars, we have a dedicated state of the art MOT bay that is authorised by the DVSA to test class IV vehicles. We have a nominated MOT test amongst our qualified technicians that ensure your car is tested specifically to meet the checks designed by the DVSA. You can book and renew your MOT up to a month before it expires to ensure you’ve got plenty of time to fit it into your schedule.

Want to book your MOT online?

We now offer a 24-hour booking system that allows our customers to book their MOT online. It’s available any day of the week so you can book even when we’re not open. You’ll receive a confirmation email when it’s completed and when we open up again we’ll see your details and get you added to our system. If you’re worried about your MOT, we offer visual inspections to prior to your test if you’re worried. It always cheaper and more efficient to get your service and MOT at the same time too. A service is always conducted first, meaning you can guarantee an MOT pass for your car.

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